Downsview Park

Things to do at Downsview Park


Among the many parks in Canada, the Downsview Park is one of the best ones that offer a lot of activities. It has certainly everything in it! The 240 hectares land has various sport fields, playgrounds, walking and cycling trails, orchard, urban forest, market, wildlife center, and a whole lot more. In fact, Downsview Park was also recognized as Canada’s first urban national park, just like Rouge National Urban Park. The difference is that, the latter is managed by Parks Canada, while Downsview Park is operated by the federal Crown corporation, Canada Lands Company.

Here are some of the best activities you can try at Downsview Park:

Stroll and relax at the park
Relax at the refreshing view of the lake at Downsview Park. You can also stroll along the park and though its walking trails with your family or your pets. There are a lot of fun, leisurely activities you can have in its wide green spaces.

Be active at the sporting facilities
Downsview Park has a lot to offer when it comes to sporting facilities. They have a sports pavilion, training grounds, and sports center. It is also home to The Hangar, Blythe Academy, Scotiabank Pond, and Toronto Football Club Fieldhouse. With so many sports facilities, guests enjoy a variety of sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, squash, and even go-karting and rock climbing. Several leagues and tournaments are also held here regularly.

Enjoy nature and wildlife
A large part of Downsview Park is made up of the urban forest. It’s not that there’s no plan in developing these areas, but it is a very significant part of the park as it serves as home to numerous creature and wildlife. In addition, the Toronto Wildlife Center is located at Downsview Park. It is a wildlife hospital, rescue team, and rehabilitation center too!

Learn organic farming
Downsview Park has more than 6 acres of land for farming and greenhouses. Fresh City Farms, whose headquarters is at Downsview park, distributes fresh farm produce to different areas in Toronto. They also process the harvests at the headquarters, as others are donated at food banks. They even give scheduled lectures on organic and container gardening to encourage people to plant on their backyards.

Find great deals at the merchant market
Lots of unique merchandise are offered at the Merchant’s Market at Downsview Park. With more than 500 vendors, you’ll surely find something interesting here. Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll also find jewelries, cosmetics, antiques, houseware, consumer electronics, and a lot more.

Celebrate events and festivals
The park hosts several events whole year round, including cultural festivals, concerts, fundraisers, and organizational activities. For instance, Canada Day, one of the biggest celebrations in Canada, is celebrated here in Downsview Park. Other events held here includes VELD Music Festival, Riot Fest, Earth Day, Orchard Party (Autumn Harvest Festival), Tree Planting, and many more.
Downsview Park is located at 70 Canuck Avenue, North York, Ontario, Canada. It is just a few minutes drive to Oakdale Golf and Country Club and Northwood Park via Sheppard Avenue West.
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