Green Roof

Green Roofing in Toronto

Green Roofing in Toronto

Flat Roofers Toronto has been providing flat roofing services in Greater Toronto for over 18 years. We have a team of expert roofers experienced in building different types of roofing systems including green roofing. We believe that green roofing is more than just vegetation placed on the roof. Green roofing is a way to design building structures that is eco-friendly and adds beauty to the city. We offer green roof solutions that can lower your heating and cooling costs as well as effectively manage storm water.

In building your Toronto green roof, we can help you design a roof that is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, structurally sound and built to last. Below the hearty bed of green is a multi-layer system designed to support plant growth, repel roots, and provide drainage, filtering and insulation as well as a waterproofing membrane roof base. All these elements must be present while ensuring that everything stays as light as possible. 

Types of Green Roofing

  • Intensive– An intensive green roof is essentially a rooftop garden that is accessible and can be used as a recreational space. It is designed to support deep growth of various plants, including mature trees and shrubs. Walkways, benches and light structures can also be added. Including all the supporting system, irrigation, drainage and waterproofing, an intensive green roof can be quite heavy at 36-68 kilograms per square foot.
  • Extensive – An extensive green roof is a lighter alternative. It is quite shallow and designed to be more self-sustaining than a garden. Designed simply for its environmental benefit, an extensive green roof is less expensive, requires less maintenance and is often not accessible unlike a rooftop garden.
  • Retrofit – A retrofit green roof is installed on an existing building. The first consideration in converting a flat roof to a retrofit green roof is it’s weight and the load bearing capacity of the existing structure. A member of our team will be able to provide you an extensive analysis and design for you. There are a variety of green options including covering the roof with trays or tiles of vegetation, typically grass that is grown elsewhere. 

Benefits of a Green Roof

Back in 2010, Toronto is the first city in North America to support the green roof initiative with what is called the Green Roof Bylaw. This requires a green roof to be built for new developments taller than six stories with a gross floor area of 2,000m2. The law covers all new construction of commercial properties, industrial properties and multi-family homes. This initiative aims to make Canadian cities more liveable. Here are some of the benefits of a green roof:

  • Energy Efficient – Green roofing improve a roofing system’s energy efficiency by providing, insulation and evaporative cooling. This in turn can lower cooling cost, especially in the summer months.
  • Reduce Surface Heat – The presence of plants reduce the surface temperature and lessens the urban heat island effect.  It provides a cooling effect not just for your property but for the neighbors as well.
  • Storm Runoff – Green roofs promote infiltration and reduce storm water runoff that benefits the entire city
  • Natural Green Space – Garden rooftops promote biodiversity, opportunity for food production and overall beautification that helps make Canadian cities more livable.

We realize that not all structures can support the weight of a vegetative green roof that is why, we at Flat Toronto Roofers offer a wide range of green roofing solutions for your property.

For more information on green roofing, contact your reliable Toronto Flat Roofing expert. You may reach us at 647-560-0376 or simply leave us a message on this page.


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