High Park

Exploring High Park


Known as the oldest and largest park within Toronto, the High Park has been a popular spot for many families during weekends and summer. The 400 acres of land is not just all plain greens and trees, there are a lot of things to see and explore at High Park!

Ravines. Plains, and Savannah
The eastern half of the park is occupied by ravines, along ponds and creeks. This forested area is great for bird watching, where you can see a lot of wood ducks and herons. On the center of the park are plains of green grass and savannah where black oak trees are abundant. Most trees about 150 years old, and they keep the park cool and shady.

Cherry Blossom trees
High Park is the central of Cherry Blossoms in Canada. Many tourists visit the park from April to May to witness the blooming of Cherry Blossom trees or Sakura. These beautiful pink flowers last for only a week, depending on the weather. They can be found on the hillside and east shore of Grenadier Pond and along a pathway near the zoo parking lot.

Hillside Gardens and labyrinth
Whether you want some peaceful moments, or you just want to pose for a nice photo for your Instagram, the Hillside Gardens and the nearby labyrinth would be perfect! The scenic paths and fountains are quite relaxing. Similarly, the labyrinth, offers a serene vibe with its circular meditation piece. Though it’s not much of a maze as you might expect, but it’s still quite popular for ceremonious events and even spiritual activities.

Playgrounds and Sporting Facilities
High Park has two playgrounds, two soccer fields, three baseball diamonds, and six tennis courts. The park is also a common venue for cycling events. People of all ages, especially kids, enjoy their stay at the park as these facilities are well-maintained.

Grenadier Pond
Located at the western edge of High Park, the Grenadier Pond is usually the first spot visited by the people who go to the park. It is also popular for fishers, who usually caught largemouth bass, yellow perch, bluegill, brown bullhead and carp sport fish. In fact, fishing events have also been held here.

Swimming pool
Aside from playgrounds, the swimming pool is another favorite attraction of kids. It is open every summer, and includes a splash pad, water slide, and wading areas.

Off-leash dog park
Not only humans get to enjoy the park, but also dogs. An off-leash dog park can be found at the center of the park, where you can take your dog and let them run without bothering other guests.

High Park Zoo
A small, but fun to visit zoo is located at the bottom of Deer Pen Road of High Park. You can find yak, llamas, sheep, capybaras, and bison here! On some weekends, visitors are allowed to feed and pet chickens, rabbits, and llamas.

Many annual events are held at High Park, and one of it is the Shakespeare in the Park. Canadian stage actors perform Shakespeare’s writings like Measure for Measure, Much Ado About Nothing, and Midsummer Night’s Dream.

High Park is located at 1873 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario. It can be found north of Humber Bay and stretches south from Bloor Street West to The Queensway. On the west is Ellis Park Road and Grenadier Pond and on the east is Parkside Drive. Nearby neighborhoods are Sunnyside, Roncesvalles, and Bloor West Village.

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