The Toronto Hunt

The Toronto Hunt


The Toronto Hunt is an exclusive private golfing club in Canada. One of the biggest and member-exclusive clubs, it offers a wide array of services from private events and conferences, golfing activities to bridge programs. It is also popular for its beautiful setting, as it is uniquely built above Lake Ontario on the Scarborough Bluffs.

Founded in 1843, the Toronto Hunt is one of the oldest hunt clubs in North America. It was initially supported by officers of the Imperial Army stationed at Toronto. The hunt was conducted in several locations within and around Toronto for many years, until its present site in Kingston Road was selected to be the club’s headquarters in 1895. A Clubhouse and stables were built too. On October 1930, it was incorporated as “The Toronto Hunt”. Aside from hunting, other popular sports at that time were played on the site such as polo, skeet and trap shooting, and tennis.

Golf was starting to gain popularity in Canada, and it was first played in Toronto in 1870. The Toronto Hunt then purchased an additional land to build a golf course in 1910. With continuous expansion throughout the years, the club now owns more than 70 acres of land. Its clubhouse, which was destroyed by fire in 1910, was rebuilt the following year but improvements and expansion were delayed due to the first World War. Over the years, it was continuously renovated up to the latest addition in 2003, wherein a dining area that overlooks the scenic view of the place was built.

The Golf Course
This beautiful 9-hole golf course was originally designed by Willie Park, and several modifications were made by Thomas McBroom, an award-winning architect. Today, it is known for its fair and average to difficult course. It also offers four different tee areas at each hole to provide variety and challenge to both amateur and skilled golfers. The view is also quite relaxing, as it is situated at the Scarborough Bluffs near Lake Ontario.

Membership Categories
The Toronto Hunt offers two membership categories – Golf Membership and Clubhouse Membership. Golf Membership gives you full and free access to the club’s facilities and unlimited use of the golf course. However, there may be times when the course would not be accessible like during special functions and tournaments. On the other hand, Clubhouse Membership gives you full access to the facilities of the club, except for the golf course. You can play upon payment of some fees or during guest events.

Private Events
The club is also offered for private events such as corporate meetings, conferences, weddings, and other gatherings. Their spacious rooms can accommodate small groups of 4 up to a large assembly of 150 people. The sophisticatedly designed rooms give casual to formal atmosphere, while outside features a splendid view of the lake and wide green spaces.
The Toronto Hunt is located at 1355 Kingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. It is just a few minutes away from downtown Toronto, directly between Fallingbrook and Birch Cliff. The Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church, as well as Blantyre Park and Lynndale Parkette could be found nearby. The Club is open daily for its members, from 7 am to 11 pm.

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