Toronto Botanical Gardens

Toronto Botanical Gardens

If you have a great interest with plants and flowers, you definitely must visit the Toronto Botanical Garden. Not only for the visually satisfying views of manicured grounds and themed gardens, but also for learning about plants and gardening.

The Gardens
The Toronto Botanical Garden has 17 spacious, themed gardens. These are all award-winning and beautifully designed, leaving quite an impression to its visitors. The following are the 17 themed gardens of TBG:

    • The Greensward
    • Entry Garden Walk
    • Kitchen and Herb Garden
    • Westview Terrace
    • Teaching Garden
    • Beryl Ivy Knot Garden
    • Terraced Garden
    • Nature’s Garden
    • Floral Hall Courtyard
    • Arrival Courtyard
    • Woodland Walk and Bird Habitat
    • Spiral Mound
    • President’s Choice Show garden
    • Pollinator Garden with Urban Bee Hives
    • Green Roof
    • Garden Hall Courtyard
    • Carpet Beds

Learning Experiences
Aside from the regular garden tours and field trips, TBG also offer kids’ day camp, lectures, family events focused on teaching gardening, and an extensive horticultural library. They also have year-round courses for adults who want to learn about various botanically related discipline like container gardening, botanical art, urban vegetable gardening, urban beekeeping, photography and wellness, as well as floral design. Every year, courses also change but teaching methods often include lecture style, discussions, and a lot of hands on activities.

Events and Activities
The TBG is also a favorite spot for important events and occasions. They have facilities like conference rooms, a Floral Hall, Garden Hall, studios, lobby, and the Westview Terrace. These are offered for corporate events, gatherings, and special occasions like weddings. Professional photoshoots are also allowed as long as a permit is secured. However, picnics, dogs, bicycle riding, and other sport activities are not allowed.
On the other hand, special events and activities organized by TBG includes Royal York Rooftop Tour and Lunch, Grow, Cook and Relish Series, HortiCULTURE Salon Series, free summer concert series, and TBG Lecture Series. One of the recent activities was Edwards Summer Music Series held last July to the end of August. These events are free but donations are appreciated to help maintain the gardens.

The Shop and Cafe
You can have breakfast, lunch, and snacks at the Toronto Botanical Garden through its café, which was a historic barn. It is seasonally open from May to October to serve guests. The shop, on the other hand, sells everything you will need to start gardening such as tools and seeds. They also have seasonal flowering bulbs and live plants for sale.
The Toronto Botanical Garden is located at 777 Lawrence Avenue East, North York, Ontario, Canada. It is adjacent to Edward Gardens, and is near St. Bonaventure Elementary School and Mike Bela Park. It is also a few minutes away from Sunnybrook Park and Ontario Science Center via Leslie Street. When driving to TBG, you can take Highway 401 to the Leslie Street exit. Then drive south on Leslie Street until you reach the stoplights at Lawrence Avenue. Take the first right into the large parking area after passing through the lights.

Up next is one of the biggest parks in Toronto, the High Park.

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