What to do when a tree falls on your roof

What to do when a tree falls on y our roof

Trees make your property beautiful and definitely add to any house, especially big, mature trees. However if a storm hits your area there’s a very real possibility one of these trees could fall on your roof, causing some serious damage. It can be scary when this happens, and it happens so suddenly that it might seem very overwhelming. Here’s a few things to think about and consider when a tree falls on your roof all of sudden. 

Get out of your house

While it’s unlikely that the tree falling on your roof is going to cause your whole house to cave in, it’s important to make sure you and your family is outside the house. Grab important valuables if you can get to them, and perhaps a sweater or jacket if it’s cold outside and get out of the house.

Call emergency services

Emergency services can shut off power lines or water supply to your home in case the tree is interfering with any utilities that might cause further damage. They can also assess the situation and make sure everyone in the home is ok and no one is hurt.

Contact your insurance

Even though you may not know the extent of the damage, or even what will need to be replace it’s important to call them as soon as it happens and start the claim process. By doing this you will confirm that they agree to cover any emergency expenses, such as perhaps needing to spend a couple nights in a hotel until your roof is fixed. If you don’t claim right away then the insurance company might not cover emergency expenses – like the removal of the tree from the property – and you might be stuck with those expenses.

Secure the home

A roofing contractor will be needed to repair the damage, and perhaps even a general contractor if there’s damage to the rest of the house. The most important thing you can do – or have the contractor do – is ensure the house is secured against water damage. The point of a roof is to protect a home against the elements, but if there’s a large hole in the roof and side of the home there’s potential water damage could affect the rest of the house until it can be fixed.
Further, if you aren’t able to live in your house due to the damage secure your valuables and make sure it’s not a target for potential thieves. Take all of the valuables and your clothing and secure them until you can move back into your home permanently.
Check surrounding property

With large trees sometimes they damage your house and your neighbour’s house, too. Check to see if there’s any damage to their property or home, and let them know about it. When calling your insurance company you should also let them know that the tree caused damage to your neighbour’s property, and advise your neighbours to call their insurance company too.
When a tree falls on your roof all of a sudden you may not know exactly what to do, but it’s important to have a plan just in case. Of course when purchasing a home, a tree damaging your house is the last thought coming across your mind but it is something to keep in the back of your mind just in case it ever happens. Make sure you know how to get out of your house, make sure everyone is safe and that your insurance company knows about the situation. Emergency crews can ensure utilities are turned off, and that no further damage is caused. When a tree falls on your roof, having a plan will ensure the situation will go as smoothly as possible. 

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