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Flat Roofers Toronto has over 18 years of experience in flat roof repair in Toronto and surrounding areas. We serve all of Greater Toronto including residential and commercial properties in Thornhill, Etobicoke, Markham, Scarborough, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Ajax, Pickering, Vaughan and North York.

Our veteran roofing specialists and workmen have extensive knowledge in the roofing industry and the expertise to repair everything from flat roofing systems, metal roofing frames to shingle roofing. Additionally, our crew has the experience and ability to pinpoint problem areas, locate leaks and perform the necessary repairs to maintain the safety and integrity of your structure.

Our goal is to provide quality flat roof repairs in Toronto that can save you money and avoid future problems. If your roofing problem is more extensive and cannot be patched up with the usual repairs, rest assured our Toronto flat roofing experts will provide you with viable options that you can choose from. 

Flat Roof Repairs in Toronto

Flat roofing systems are not really flat, they have a low slope of a few degrees to allow for proper water drainage. This is key for low-sloped roofing systems. That being said, flat roofs can still be susceptible to leaks and weather damage. Sometimes water does not run-off to the drainage as fast as needed due to debris, incorrect installation and other obstacles. When this happens, water can find breaks in the roof surface and leak inside the house or building structure. At Flat Roofers Toronto, we take steps to find the leak or damage and stop it in its tracks.

One of the most common causes of flat roof problems in Toronto is water accumulation. Standing water can wreak havoc to a flat roof, our professional Toronto roofing team has extensive experience in dealing with this. We can install additional drains, redirect water and in some extreme cases re-pitch the flat roof for more effective drainage. If you are not able to invest in a full roofing repair, our team can offer alternative solutions such as utilizing pumps or plastering the sunken areas. These temporary repairs can be done immediately to maintain the integrity and safety of your roof without breaking the bank.

Remember that if you have standing water on your flat roof, time is of the essence. Take care of your flat roof immediately before it causes more damage and pose a danger to people under it!

Local Toronto Flat Roofers

All Flat Roofers Toronto repair team members are professional, courteous, and adhere to strict safety standards. We treat your property with respect and ensure to leave the work area clean and orderly each day. Unlike other roofing contractors, we offer FREE estimates on flat roof repairs in Toronto and you can be sure to receive honest evaluation and upfront pricing.

If you have a leak, tear or roofing damage due to fallen debris, we will find it, patch it and make sure to repair it. We will also inspect your roof for other potential problems that need to be addressed before they become a major issue.

For emergency roofing repairs in Toronto, contact us at 647-560-0376 or leave a message on this page.


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