Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen Roofing in Toronto

Modified Bitumen Roofing in Toronto

Modified Bitumen system is made up of a rolled membrane that is rolled onto the roof and applied using a heating device. The most common method is using a blow torch to soften and melt the polymers as it is rolled directly on to the roof surface. The process of heating allows the rolled bitumen to fully adhere to the roof surface. A cold method using adhesives can also be done with equal strength and quality.

Similar to asphalt roofing systems, modified bitumen also has enhanced durability with the addition of polymers. They act as an extra barrier against wind, water and snow that effectively increases the lifespan of the roof. Modified bitumen roofing is a popular choice across Greater Toronto and has a good reputation for being a sturdy roofing choice. 

Flat Roof in Toronto

Flat Roofers Toronto offers a wide variety of high quality roofing options from standing seam metal roofing to modified bitumen roofing systems. We serve commercial and residential properties within the city and surrounding areas including Scarborough, Markham, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Vaughan, North York, Brampton, Pickering and Mississauga. ‘

As a licensed, bonded and insured Toronto roofing service provider, our clients have peace of mind knowing that each job is done according to government and safety standards. Our professional roofing experts take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship and ensure that each roof is built to last. With Flat Roofers Toronto you can be sure to have a sturdy roof over your head.

Why Choose Modified Bitumen?

Modified bitumen is a popular roofing option for residential and commercial property developers and for good reason. For one, it does not take a long time to install, our certified and experienced roofing contractors are able to install your modified bitumen roof in a short amount of time. This roofing system adheres well to the roof surface because it is melted and bonded upon application. This system can be applied as a single-ply or two-ply system, overlapping at the edges, providing a seamless, waterproof roofing finish. Here are some more benefits of a modified bitumen roof. 

  • Weather resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to repair
  • Low maintenance
  • Factory manufactured rolls are easy to install
  • Good quality control
  • Flexible, expands and contracts effectively
  • Highly reflective surface for better indoor cooling
  • Energy efficient

Your Local Toronto Roofer

Cannot decide which roofing system is right for your property? Looking to replace your flat roof with modern bitumen? Trust Flat Roofers Toronto to help you. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in choosing the best option that fits your needs and budget.

As a local Toronto flat roofer, we are committed to providing high quality service at fair price points. We source our roofing materials at wholesale prices from time-tested manufacturers. This allows us to maintain a high quality of work at a reasonable price, passing on the savings to our residential and commercial clients.

We would be glad to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to call us at our hotline, 647-560-0376 or leave us a message on this page to get a free quote. 


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